A Dingo is Born

Not too long ago, in a galaxy not too far away, there lived a dog named Dingo. Dingo was one of those pups we affectionately call “mutts” – a little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of love and devotion for his owner, a man called Les.

Dingo was mostly a happy pooch, but he had a little problem. Like most members of the canine persuasion, he loved to chew. Now Les was a patient man; he understood the instinct that drove Dingo’s need to gnaw, but he didn’t like finding shoes, furniture and who-knows-what chewed to bits. And sadly, like nearly half of all dogs, Dingo just wasn’t that into traditional rawhide chews. No matter what brand Les gave him, Dingo turned up his snout at the tasteless, odorless, indigestible pseudo-bones. Knowing rawhide was the best way for Dingo to satisfy his need to chew, keep his teeth and gums healthy and his breath fresh, Les realized he had to help his faithful companion find a tastier option.

As fate would have it, Les’s wife worked for a jerky company, and Dingo loved the tasty, salty, meaty treats that were plentiful in their house. One day inspiration struck Les: what if he could make a chew that doubled as a treat? He soaked a plain rawhide bone in water, and then filled the middle with yummy real meat jerky, leaving some sticking out of the ends for Dingo to see and smell.

Dingo went dingy for the real meat-in-the-middle chew treat. He and his souped-up rawhide chew were friends at last, and Les’s possessions were safe. Dingo’s dental health was much improved (as was his doggy breath), and best of all, his new biodegradable chew treats were easy on his tummy, easy on the environment, and VERY easy on his taste buds. It was love at first bite.

Les had a feeling he was onto something. Since he couldn’t find a rawhide chew with a real meat treat on the market, he kept making more for Dingo to enjoy. Surely other dogs would love them too. With the help of a great team, in 1997 Les developed the product, got it patented and unleashed it on the pet marketplace. His name for this unique, real meat-in-the-middle rawhide chew treat? Dingo, of course … after the beloved pooch who inspired it all.

Whether your furry family member is a Great Pyrenees or a teacup poodle, Dingo Brand has the only real meat-in-the-middle product with the big taste your dog will love.

The History of the Dingo Brand

The idea for knotting a rolled sheet of rawhide is over 30 years old. Originally it was used as an entertainment toy or as a tool for redirecting the instinctive chewing urge of a dog. There is still no other product tough enough to withstand vigorous canine chewing, soft enough not to damage teeth and yet be highly digestible. With the advent of modern soft food diets, chews have played a greater role in ensuring that dogs get effective teeth cleaning and gum conditioning.

The rawhide bone has worked well for many years, but it still has no or only limited appeal to a significant number of dogs. About 40% of dogs do not find rawhide appealing. Numerous attempts to improve on this age-old bone have included synthetic plastics and polymer substitutes that are essentially tasteless, odorless and indigestible. Les got the idea to improve the rawhide chew after making a special two-in-one chew for his dog Dingo (see Dingo's Biography). This unique chew consisted of rawhide on the outside and REAL MEAT jerky on the inside. Les, with the help of other people, decided to market this new kind of rawhide chew and named it...Dingo. This new chew fully satisfies a dog's chew instinct while being biodegradable and safely digested by dogs. In 1997 Dingo Brand, LLC was granted a US Patent for the single most logical improvement on the rawhide dog chew in 30 years... a superior treat-within-a-treat product that combines the individual advantages of delicious real meat jerky and rawhide in a single chew.